Superior INDOOR Water & Air Quality

RWI Reduction Technology® is the newest Generation of patented Technologies developed specifically for mitigating the underlying causes of Recreational Water Illness (RWI).

Researchers from a University recently conducted a study at an INDOOR aquatic facility by monitoring DBP in both the air and water. The study included monitoring the before and after-effects of a new generation of pool water treatment called Breathe EZ™, and the results were striking.


Breathe EZ™ is a patented technology designed specifically to address Recreational Water Illness (RWI) by mitigating and inhibiting the formation of Chlorinated Disinfection Byproducts at INDOOR Aquatic Facilities. Breathe EZ™ utilizes Advanced Oxidation Technology to produce the same Free Radicals used to Remediate Ground Water contaminated with chlorinated solvents and fuel additives. 


Breathe EZ™ is a new generation of patented technology designed specifically to mitigate and inhibit Chlorinated Disinfection Byproducts at INDOOR Aquatic Facilities.

Breathe EZ™ utilizes Advanced Oxidation Technology to produce the same Free Radicals used to Remediate Ground Water contaminated with chlorinated solvents and fuel additives.

In the swimming pool water, the Free Radicals are produced 24/7 at ppb levels effectively removing DBP and the organic contaminants that produce them. The Free Radicals produced generate 2700mV of Oxidation Potential resulting in the rapid destruction of chlorinated disinfection byproducts as well as the organic contaminates as they are being introduced to the pool water.

With the destruction of Chlorinated Disinfection Byproducts, free chlorine is liberated from the DBP and released back into the water. The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is sustained with reduced concentrations of free chlorine. 



Virtually eliminates DBP

Eliminates need for Breakpoint Chlorination

Dramatically improves Water and Air Quality

Typically reduces Chemical Cost

Low cost to implement

Easy to Implement (low cost) and Maintain (Test Kit)

Reduced Energy Cost (Reduced Outside Air Exchange)

Reduced Maintenance (Equipment Replacement)




Researchers from a university conducted a study in support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Model Aquatic Health Code to provide guidance on the proper design and operation of indoor pools for acceptable air quality (MAHC).

The study evaluated various mechanical as well as chemical treatments while monitoring chlorinated disinfection byproducts and organic contaminates in both the swimming pool water and air. Monitoring equipment was position above the pool deck while water samples were monitored before and after the filter.

University Study

The graph illustrates the before and after effect of Breathe EZ on trichloramine concentration. NOTE on 1/31 at 7 am the still elevated trichloramine concentration from the prior days. After the addition of the Breathe EZ treatment, by 11 am of the SAME DAY, the trichloramine concentration was virtually eliminated. In fact, comparing trichloramine concentration at the same time of day (i.e. likely same bather loading) the 1/31 at 11 am concentration is 10x lower than the 1/30 at 11 am measurements.

Before/After University Study

Other DBP and precursors (i.e. Urea) the following days (right of RED line) after implementation of Breathe EZ™.



1. Install the Breathe EZ™ Oxidizer feed system (i.e. Mixing tank with Chemical Pump.

2. Apply the Breathe EZ™ Activator to achieve between 0.2 to 0.5ppm Truox® Activator.

3. Feed Breathe EZ™ Oxidizer to apply 4-6 lbs/day or based on bather loading.

4. Maintain Breathe EZ™ Activator as needed based on water losses (i.e. filter backwash). Monitor every 2-4 weeks using the Truox® Activator test kit.


At Truox®, our mission is to remediate all forms of Recreational Water Illness as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Truox® was founded in 2003 and specializes in the Research, Development & Commercialization of Advanced Oxidizer Technologies. With over 40 patents including Micro-reactors and In-Situ generated Free Radicals, Truox® products and technologies are used in a wide range of applications and industries. Truox® innovations have led the way in Advanced Oxidation for the treatment of Recreational Water since 2006.