Chlorine Companion
U.S. Patent 6,878,289 & Other Pending Patents

Although chlorine is the most widely used water sanitizer, byproducts produce undesirable side effects at both outdoor and indoor aquatic facilities:
* irritated eyes, skin and sinuses
* bleached bathing suits
* foul-smelling air
* corrosion of equipment

Preventing the accumulation of these chlorinated byproducts by periodically "shocking" the pool with high amounts of chlorine or "non-chlorine" shock is labor intensive, expensive, often disruptive, and typically unreliable.

Substituting alternative technologies like ozone, or elaborate equipment upgrades is expensive and can bring new problems and inefficiencies. Maintaining optimum water and air quality at aquatic facilities while maintaining crystal clear pool water has typically been an elusive endeavor. Until now!

Chlorine Companion™ is easy to use, cost effective, and when properly applied, can eliminate the cost and hassle of "Shock Treatments"

Chlorine Companion™ is a non-halogen product to be used in tandem with the chlorine based sanitizer treatment. This proprietary product is not a sanitizer, but a secondary oxidizer that is specifically designed for moderate to high use pools while preventing the accumulation of the harsh irritant oxodisulfate.

Chlorine Companion™ was specifically developed to enhance treatment performance of chlorine in moderate to high demand pools and spas for the control of chloramine odors, irritation, corrosion, and the formation of trihalomethanes.

Chlorine Companion™ can be fed while bathers are present by feeding intermittently from a time activated feeder, or fed for sustained low level continuous feed while never exceeding the specified Ratio of Chlorine to Chlorine Companion™.
For lower demand applications, addition by broad-casting the powder across the surface of the pool can be applied.

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